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Hi, I'm Shakib Hossain.
I love learning and writing about tech.

Deploy Your Django + React App to Heroku

Nowadays, in most cases we see that there's a backend that provides an API and various front-end technologies like React , Vue , Mobile apps use this API endpoints to provide a user… Read Article →

Create a Todos app with Flutter and Provider

Todo apps have always been a good first app for starters to learn something new. I also created this app solely for learning purposes. I have used provider package which is now the… Read Article →

Test Driven API development with Django REST Framework and Docker #1

Setup The first thing we should do is we must get our development environment setup correctly. I am using a Linux distribution(Manjaro Linux) to develop this API. But you're welcome to use… Read Article →

Never Use Lists Inside Tuples

Once we create a tuple we want the values inside the tuples to never change. That is one of the main reasons we use tuples instead of lists. But when we add a list as an element of a tuple… Read Article →

Python Tuple Unpacking in ES6

Python developers often get to use a really cool feature called tuple unpacking. They(We) can return more than one values, assign to two variables simultaneously etc. Tuple and Tuple… Read Article →

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